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By providing our service, we hope we can reduce the unnecessary stress that comes along with searching for the right attorney and provide you with a resource for your questions during a difficult time. You can visit our FAQs or contact us with any question about our process or service.


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Step 1: To begin the process, please fill out an inquiry form and/or call our toll-free number and briefly describe the nature of your injuries and the circumstances surrounding them.

An attorney will contact you

Step 2: An attorney will promptly contact you and provide a high-level explanation of your potential rights. The advice provided is not intended to form an attorney-client relationship and you should ultimately follow the legal advice of the attorney that takes on your case.

We search & identify a talented medical malpractice lawyer For You

Step 3: After obtaining information regarding the nature of your injuries and your potential case, we will search through our attorney network to identify a talented medical malpractice lawyer potentially willing to handle your case. Attorneys we recommend are selected based on historical results achieved, the attorney’s responsiveness to client needs and industry recognition of the attorney’s success. We seek to refer cases to leading attorneys with the objective of helping you to obtain the best result possible.

we contact you with information on the attorney for your case

Step 4: Once we have identified a qualified attorney who is willing to potentially take on your case, we will contact you with information on the attorney and we will provide you with information you can use to set up an initial consultation. We will follow up with you after the consultation to answer any questions you may have on selecting an attorney. We will also assist you in finding another attorney if you decide you would like another attorney to handle your case.



"If you are injured and in need of a lawyer to represent you, this is the service for you. After I was injured, I used this referral service to find a lawyer. They are professional and knowledgeable attorneys who made the process easy as they explained everything in great detail and referred me to an excellent attorney."

Mohamed A.

"I was injured and needed to find an attorney. I came across this referral service and the rest of the process was simple! The attorneys were kind, knowledgeable, and professional and thoroughly explained all of my options to me as they referred me to an attorney that I am very pleased with."

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